Like the gay boy in love with the straight boy
A house where lonely gods sit
and stare at the walls
You belong to an earlier epoch
The place the swans will go
The planes which never arrived

Under the carport lights in the early evening you
hesitate and gaze
up into the sky
An imponderable beauty calls you
You keep looking it keeps calling
It wants you now and it wants you forever
It wants you, and wants you, and then
it does not

You try to answer but there is no answer
Your life is matchless
a moment is watching the snow fall alone
Day by day
the purity of the irrecoverable fills things
with a virgin stillness
The birds which did not fly in autumn
The land bare the trees leafless
Locks without keys
Cyphers without secrets

Dutiful as always you continue to try
to locate the place where you can be useful
but it just doesn’t turn out that way
Your days are a coda and they pass
in a soft haze of bemusement
a rueful Alzheimer’s
It all so slowly goes, and you can feel it going,
sliding beneath you
You don’t know how or why
You were a bombadier
with a stick of sherbert dynamite in November
a firebrand of Parma Violets
for a penny sparkler revolution
Cause now with fewer supporters
Cherry with no takers
Memory, with no one to remember

And still the beauty calls
cruel in a way but what else is there?
Like a mute among the singers
Like Henman v. Federer
Work among the purring towers
The market floor beyond the waves
The murmuring bazaar where people come
to exchange their crumbling bits of knowledge
under the fitful stars
Means without ends
Ends which don’t meet
Pockmarks of silence
among the high rise
The unseen colonies of lichens
Empires of slowly marching numbers
Life among the algorithms
A machine replacing units, one by one

Water sprinklers come on at eight at noon
Maids vacuum corridors
Empty trains run brightly through the civic darkness
while people sleep
Your heart’s a hotel
where strangers are staying
for a night sometimes two
sometimes longer
They come and they go
You don’t remember their names
They merely occupy rooms
like you

Ideas and the world, then silence
Like the sky and flight numbers
No resting place for clouds
Like the girl singing on the floor above
as you cry
Like the gay boy hanging with the straight boys
Like thoughts about love