You are with her it is that time again
She walks ahead of you you drift apart
deep in your own thoughts
You fall behind gazing up at the clouds
She climbs a shallow slope through hot wheat
towards the ring of trees
You look up and see her standing against the immense quiet
of the horizon
You could be the last people on Earth
You could be feeling the last love on Earth
She sees you and gives a little start
then she waves to you
You wave back to her
Your heart
seems to turn to stillness
The distance
The heat

And what will you do with all of these thoughts?
Like people passing each other on slowly gliding trains
she lies beside you
Planes taxiing out onto the runway
nose-cones gleaming in the sun
Pylons receding in a line towards the rising moon
Loss leaders stacked along the aisles
The calm numinous light of supermarket refrigerators
He’s connected the giant head is saying
He’s a made guy

All of the power and all of the life
For a while the world turns to guns and cocaine
to oil and sugar and thirst
to the tattered memories which reappear
like old bird’s nests in winter
It turns to moments the moments to things
Year after year you fill yourself up with wishes and schemes
frivolous wishes and incomplete schemes
the same stuff year after year
more and more rubble and scree
until, at last, you stir, and you realise
your soul has come to resemble
a flooded quarry
littered with islands of fly-tipped debris
A seagull perched on the handles
of a pram poking out of the water…
A heron by fridges…
Mosquitoes breeding among car tyres…
All of the futures and all of the dreams
A remnant of reason and fragments of bodies
Lists you made yesterday tomorrow today

All of the glory and all of the time
All of it
Tied to your own mind
a young child with a looping string
trailing a pink balloon
fragile with joy
All of the care and all of the shame
And what will you think of, now?
And what will you think?

You kiss her and she turns into thoughts
The thoughts flicker
shift desultorily like autumn leaves
Then it is summer
an empty blaze light on bare walls
What can you do?
You sit quietly
The steady mindless heat engulfs the world
and wants nothing from you
no conflict no admiration
not even sweat
The last boats sail they will not return
Those left on the shore a huddled crowd of them
linger but can do nothing
The sea is unreasonable
and has no fear
You think of kissing her
but you realise it’s just nostalgia
You have become lazy and selfish
your body’s a convenience store
Sleep follows the line of least resistance
Sleep, and the days…

There are no children anymore
no scents of them no sounds
The lit silhouettes of goats and horses
circle the room thrown by the lamp to the walls
This is the centre of the world
and the edge of nothing
This is the place you must be
and the place you must leave

A cemetery by a railway line
A life and a mind
Your life, your mind
On a café table chess pieces from an abandoned game
heat in the sun and the board is a field of gleam
The sheltered harbour is empty
She turns thigh-deep in wheat and waves to you
from close to the summit of the little knoll
with the ring of pine trees
This could be the last moment on Earth
The last glance
The last love