In our dreams we climb great waves
wake in shining shallows
Try to be calm you say
but I don’t understand
The sea had mountains for us
Now it has mayflies
and there is no love

It is a careless place
casual with light and suffering
Something bereft haunts it
like a bitch licking her dead pup
an immense carpark without cars
a racetrack not on raceday
And you can still love there
but love only once
and not come back
Things the sea rejected
we walk among them
driftwood and wrack
Our children will wander here
without us
stranded after the storm
with no one to gather them
survivors of a greater beauty
orphans of the high water mark

When memory hijacks your senses
the broken days of honeysuckle
waiting on a quiet platform
for the next train
You open a place in yourself
like the reluctant flower of a wound
sensitive, alive,
the fragile edge where the glacier melts
You can still remember
a time when you were happy
only you can’t quite recall
how it felt

She is a tiny bud
You will not be there
when she opens
She will blossom
with clouds and walks
It is enough
and even if it were not
it would happen, anyway
She will not see
what you have seen
Difference flows in
with the silky
inevitability of a wave
cutting us all off
one by one
She will wake
where you did not wake
And she will love
although there is no love