I have time, but I have run out of thoughts. What am I to do?
It is natural for a river to have both a left bank
and a right bank: I know this.
And that, at midnight, one day will end, and another begin.
Today, I have no feeling for knowledge:
it gives me no sensation.
Everything I’ve thought, I’ve either forgotten
or have no wish to think again.
But since we must think, I must make do, I suppose,
with old thoughts; at least I won’t pretend
they’re anything but the habit of an engine to run –
I won’t care for them, or attempt to store them,
or hope they will lead anywhere in particular.
But if I walk by a river, I’ll be aware
there is another bank on the other side of the water;
and I’ll remember that, this evening, after midnight,
another day will begin.