Fill up the tank fill your pockets with sweets
All the miles you could want are waiting for you
Fill your body with girls pills buildings and smoke
the home that you left
the place you were young
it has all gone
You outgrew it to loneliness
a time you didn’t feel this way

First to the punch first over the line
the first time
you felt the ache of horizons
Take off your spikes and sit on the grass
some way off from the others
You have won
but you can’t catch the sunset
All the stars come out in you slowly
The night forms magically like frost
Tomorrow is inside you
and it hurts
Another tomorrow
A time you feel this way

And the summer is gigantic
with strange clouds whipped and drifted by the heat
An urgent rust of trains cattling through suburbs
among inheritor weeds
grasses which sway and fall still
when the train has passed
Boys in their blue overalls at the Kwik Fit garage
rolling fat tyres
shouldering exhausts
You start to drive
All you can feel and all you can see
You have to make room for summer
Skies pass over you
You witness these events you don’t understand
and nobody needs your testimony
It’s quiet
in a heart you abandoned
A time you don’t feel at all

Fill a suitcase with jewels her head with your smalltalk
sweet nothings when you still had something to say
Take what you can leave what you must
in the traffic hitting tailbacks
with your life flying headlong
to Lorca and hope
You’re like Satan a trackstar
a drugrunner a winner
But she is long gone
Fill your eyes with the sunrise
your memory with moons
You can’t outrun your own want
It is the place you must be
the message you’re sent
The place without hurt
Even loneliness ends

Drive into the darkness where the people have gone
Regret nothing it was only a life
There are more things to buy and more things to own
And maybe the night is beautiful
but it’s not yours
and it’s not enough
Did someone tell you
only losers love?
All the wandering in the world
won’t get you to her
First thing in the morning
you’ll rise and set out
There’s nothing for you here
except a little hope
But you won’t stay
It doesn’t matter
Tomorrow is immense
Why wait for today?