For a moment your glance turns to trees
Another doomed spring and you’re happy
Knee-deep in floodwater meadows
wading among the wreckage of fertility marooned
pioneer and explorer again
Your little penis grows flowers
and there is a sighing sound
as your pores open and submit they cry
The green is rising all around you
No one will escape we don’t even try
Little girls swell instantly to widows
No one will save us now
How happy we are
How we want this

It gets worse
All the stars of your nerves come out
to the scent of mown grass
You look up into the neural heavens of childhood
in playing fields of summer states
endless for the hours
Home is close and still not close
The time has gone when you should be home
and yet you linger
It is delicious and frightening
This is not home
You lie back something almost simian stirs in you
a fresh intelligence in your eyes
like a dawn
Now you are ready to fall in love for the first time
Now you are ready…

You think fire thoughts the whole city is burning
Your understanding is in flames
Run from building to building each ablaze
Coolness in summer is off the radar
It makes no sense
Cold houses to fresh ashes call
Tinder igniting with cabs in the rank outside the station
still simmering a little in the heat late at night
insects peppering the lights with their own
bodies out of the dark
pointlessly dropping from their place in dream and skew
lost to the whole
falling to no eyes
kamikaze for no admiral