My little Alphabet
hasn’t got to Z yet

My little Buffalo
went to a rodeo

My little Chrysalis
is partly that and partly this

but my little Dodo
doesn’t know the way to go

to reach my little Egypt
whose pointed pyramids have slipped

into my little Filofax
(with dates of silk and names of flax) —

+++++and my little Alphabet
+++++hasn’t got to Z yet

My little Gizmo
is even fast in slo-mo

while my little Hong Kong
sung and sung for so long

My little India
likes to drink Pink Gin, dear

My little Jasmine tree
has jasmine roots and jasmine leaves

My little Kilowatt
is sometimes cool and sometimes hot

My little Lazybones
spends too long on telephones

while my little Monotone
goes on and on and on and on

+++++and still my little Alphabet
+++++hasn’t got to Z yet

My little Neptune
has fifteen very pretty moons

while my little Oddity
just won’t fit with you or me

My little Pumpkin
is not a country bumpkin!

My little Question
won’t answer to suggestion

though my little Robot
always knows what’s what is what

+++++but still my little Alphabet
+++++hasn’t got to Z yet!

My little Serpentine
weeps endless tears of chilled white wine

because my little Tokyo
hasn’t got a yen to show

to my little Uruguay
who turns away, and quietly sighs

My little Viva!
lifts up the receiver

as my little Wallaby
listens to a lullaby

for my little X-ray
who won’t let flesh get in his way

But my little Yahoo!
always makes his welcome known to you

in my little Zanzibar
(so full of moons and full of stars) —

+++++and now that we’re in Zanzibar
+++++where all the Zs are in their beds

+++++it’s time to sleep and to forget
+++++my little Alphabet…