Archives for the month of: February, 2014

I present my credentials,
and you accept them.

I do the work,
and then I leave.

You stay behind,
and live with the work.

We’re both happy.


God was saying something to me
but I nodded off and when I woke
all I saw was the pale fume
from the spout of the kettle.

We walked by the ocean
white spray and blue waves like out of a Hokusai,
did you know that this species of dragonfly
has been on the earth for three hundred thousand years
longer than us?

So they tore down the buildings I loved,
and they put up buildings I hated.
It’s okay you said. It’s okay.
You just have to let go.

It only takes the piano
five notes out from silence
to break your heart.
Sometimes I think that’s because
you know the silence is always waiting,
sometimes I think
the music knows it, too.

I told you I loved you.
You told me how, once,
when you were young,
your mother cried and cried
when you went missing
lost in a field
chasing after dragonflies.