So the plane began to carry me away from you
That’s immaterial someone had just said
and the word fluttered in my mind like a single petal
come loose from a blossom twists in the air
I felt as if I might never see you again
I couldn’t hold you in my arms in the sky
We climbed and banked out over the ocean
then went into the clouds
Now I have to deal with the sky
One of your kisses is the silence up here
after the vapour trail has faded

You were in an old moss green silk dress
I stroked your arm
You knelt on top of me
Did you know that silk is stronger than steel I said
Then why don’t they build skyscrapers out of it? you asked
You kissed me
so we wove what we had from a moment
I wondered what the thread of that kiss could bear
Later, I found out

I was dreaming
The deer in the woods, one of them, a stag
with the face of an old friend
Even when I woke
I felt light-headed
and the day passed with the Zen seamlessness of dreams
There was a deer in the garden
nibbling at pine shoots
You phoned me and suddenly I was filled with sky

At high altitude over China
I heard your voice
when you were in tears
We’ve passed through oceans together
and been rolled for years among the waves
I didn’t understand
why there was no salt left on our skin
no taste of it
not a single grain

In thought’s zero-G
above the clouds
the skyscrapers float empires drift deer graze
among the constellations
of stars and stars
which have no names
The cities left behind the cities to come
caught in the night flight
look the same
lit webs of memory
I missed you so much
I couldn’t get back to you
There seemed no end
to a love that was homeless
to a love that had once been home