We have turned into something we didn’t set out to become
Somewhere along the way in the dark wood
our feet turned to hooves
softly with the almost imperceptible sound
of a dry leaf landing in an autumn pool
our jaws grew heavier
our bodies pelted with hair
faces glistened with feathers

Love ceased
My mouth seemed constantly full of saliva
You were stoned and I dragged you into the bushes
in the front room
and killed you and ate you and you sighed
You wanted out of the relationship
I looked up at the night sky
above the blocks of flats and the telegraph wires
and satellite dishes
I couldn’t tell whether the moon was beautiful or not
The moon was full rising slowly
It was strange to me
I didn’t know where to put it in my mind
You said It’s got five stars
You said Shall we go?
You said It says it’s the first
must-see movie of the year

The car wouldn’t start and I grew angry
I had stalled in a suburb I didn’t know
all pale concrete in the sun and chain-link
fences and industrial units
I kept turning the key but the thing wouldn’t fire
I grew angrier and angrier and swore and smacked the wheel
My blood felt poisoned and electric inside me
I so wanted to see you again and to tell you I loved you
It was hot and eventually I left the car and started walking
I didn’t even bother closing the door

My horns ached and my muzzle was caked with dried blood
Above me the sky was ancient
A certain terrible fatigue had entered everything
so that the clouds didn’t float properly anymore
My body was huge and old and wouldn’t respond
and bits of meat were forever stuck in my teeth
reminding me of my diet
The bathroom cabinet was stacked with pills
We were close to the end of the cycle
but this time things weren’t going back to the start
I spent as much time hating you as loving you
We weren’t meant to be enemies
While we argued, the stars began to fall from the sky
one by one, like exhausted petals
You didn’t give me what I wanted
so I savaged you you sighed
My teeth ached with eating
The lights of the night sky were going out
and I looked up curiously towards where the moon was rising

Sometimes even now I look in the mirror
and remember myself as I once was
Then I cry
Then I stop crying

I have turned into something I didn’t set out to become
It happened so quickly so slowly
Inside me
there is a hot lair
I’m full of dirt and grief
What have you been doing? you ask
Why don’t you tell me?
Why don’t we talk?

Once I wanted to talk
I hated the shape of my snout
the fur on my body
my hands shrunk to claws
It is too late
Now I hear the others rushing by in a pack
and the moon is very bright
We put down our keys and go out