It doesn’t matter that it’s not real you said
If you never imagine something new
how can anything change?

Your skin on the nape of your neck was warm
and the fine dark hair like filaments in a flame buckled up
attuned to my lips and I think I was happy
I put my arms around you and held you
and the room grew still
except for the dust floating in the sunlight
and the spray of scent from the atomiser
settling on us both
It doesn’t matter you said

My hair has grown, it’s long now and I haven’t shaved
in a while I lie on the floor
I wait for the pain which will remind me
I am alive and my life is passing
but it doesn’t come
I don’t come

I lay awake long into you
I couldn’t tell you apart from the night
When you’re naked there’s nowhere else for the world to turn
but to you and to lay down its head like a child
No one could be more naked than you
The stars fill you when you sleep you turn over and spill them
Some of those stars have already died and their light
reaches us

Perhaps ghosts are like that light? I said
Or perhaps we are you answered…