Rogue state | Dogged by ill-health he sought lodgings… in the heat, the cat snarls, can’t reach her fleas | You hear the missiles, feel their slipstreams | in landslide weather | can’t sleep | in the white nights | at the barriers | wait in the car as the train goes past | the gendarmes tell you | there is no need for alarm | the water on the strawberries | But the whine of the motor | the engines igniting | the air needs to move | he can’t sleep | the dog rests | in the cool shade of the silos | the tourists drift away | town empties | it’s the heat | you wake | to the smart click of the timer | my screen flickers | the information starts to leak | the little cars near the church | with POLIZEI | so we decide to turn back | the migraines worsen | they are posting notices | too much of you | Very tired, irritable | but can’t sleep | the cake went to waste | put the infinite on hold | By 1907, harassed by creditors, worn out by threats, she fled… the Federales | They were dredging the river | so we cancelled our walk | the camera came on | he lacked the will to continue | in the freezing cold | dogs dying in the street | the first indications | the same old same old | we felt so tired | the air-con was broken | the searchlight from the police | helicopter | the passing of a star | the rumours of cholera | the marshals usher you | away | When the network goes down | part of you is relieved | in breaking news | the suicide pact | the train strike is on | the sound in her head | was the ringing of an anvil | then we missed our flight | a problem with the visa | Lazio had won | and their fans celebrated | all night | we couldn’t sleep | you tried to deny it | in the powerful storm | the lines came down | at cherry-blossom time | in the middle of a speech | the screen went dead | the music was sombre | everything felt | as if it was wrapped in polythene | with a gag in my mouth | She couldn’t reach her hotel | and had nowhere to stay | the Carabinieri were pointing | making signs | the quiet was huge | the shadow of the cloud


from the series construct (2012–present, ongoing)
(this poem, July 2017)