Somewhere sudden | Like a thunderstorm on no one’s monitor | failing to arrive | missing step | Too quick to make final arrangements | Leaving the airport through double | sliding doors into | a gasp of humidity | after the calm clinic of snow | feeling pressure from the flowers | tales of a god | shitting insects | getting into debt, and enjoying it | like watching a fool called Mr Reckless | slumping in a dripping greed | face wet from lying in moss | dying too soon | They will not shelter you, but beat you away | if you are lucky | you do not fit into their map of love, quite | the contrary | still they love their little loves, you must | see that? | Airliner | disaster | but someone walked away | from the burning spree | of wreckage | into green | banks of vegetation | towards a beginning, into | somewhere sudden

Dying on the battlefield | in a rush of blood | someone wanting you enough | to put an end to you | spear through the guts | sword blade through the throat | and this is a battlefield | what could be better? | Coward world | overcome at last | Not standing for anyone else | standing, entirely selfishly, for yourself | the cause merely an excuse | to bring a battlefield about | progress, right, good, humanity, whatever | Stage with actors for some | performance of honour, heroism, for others | let them | pontificate | what can they know of life | who only life know? | Weeds | straggling across sidings | seeds | airborne, a glitter, with the wind and sun | motivate | Sheltering from a sudden downpour | we huddled together under a shop doorway | rain draping the entrance | We laughed as the rain became heavier and heavier | it seemed implausible | a lot of people laughed, laughter was right for the rain, a kind of joy and mild hysteria, intoxication | because the normal confines of the weather had been exceeded | inside us, like a shy animal, we sensed a real liberty stir | To kiss, as we did, in the rain — it felt like a peak, first as if the rain was our audience | second as if we were adoring the rain | and at last | as if we were falling with the rain, falling and flowing… | An hour later, we were in a theatre, listening to a lecture on category error in Anglo-American philosophy


from the series fleeting pixel (series of 1,000 poems, 2012–2016)