Taking video of Lucy Jane | but the bank had threatened to foreclose | Toys on the lawn in the mid-summer sun, you couldn’t get your fingers straight | The shot is real slow | We’d meet up again, Tuesday, on the train | When Rae was still working | and the band came on late | but was so good | The yellowing grass | the scent of burgers grilling towards dusk | They explained the concept of the apogee | I loved the way they were so thoughtful | and patient with Simone | Those old jeans with the frayed hems | and people who tell you It’s going to be okay | and There’ll be better days | All the horses stood back up | after the rifles and the smoke | they had to use a tractor by the pit | And people were asking, What planet is in retrograde? | and What is a Gemini? | We stayed up into the early hours, losing track of time | and the solicitor came in to Morricone | but where was Clint? | Only a rough draft, but Rae was pleased | They were drilling us on opiates | Karl was going through one of his phases | he was obsessed with the moon | we couldn’t believe | the stuff that was coming out | It wasn’t great, but it was enough | and anyway | who really needs | more than enough?

Stuffing feathers into his mouth, afterwards | and his eyes were just right | they fitted the space I had | Streams of traffic for miles ahead | in both directions | it was just a feeling | but the monsoon was near | and I wanted to speak to my wife again | So Roy came round | and we listened to thrash metal on vinyl | from way back | we were too old for that | but who knows the young | better than the old? | And every day, the Astro Twins forecast for every sign | The gravity | seemed to grow | her footsteps dragged | we wondered | how did they get those effects? | But Rae said it was real | and Margie laughed it off | she was | dressed as a vampire | They thought it should’ve had a hard, cold centre | not be so gooey | After a few hours | the vodka began to ask all the same questions | as the time before | You guessed | we were close, but we | couldn’t see the summit | He could get by with Karl | but spent an awful lot of time | trying to keep from himself | the truth | They could get through | it wasn’t right | He didn’t want love | or honesty or | loyalty or | kindness | He just wanted out | He just wanted more

from the series fp2 (on-going sequence of poems, commenced 2016)