The eyes are tied to the snow | Later there is no snow, and there are no eyes

Snow comes again, a different snow | Snakes | sip at the cows’ milk, it must be | spring

Eyes, tied to the daisies, to your lover’s skin, the weight | of your lover’s shadow | Like tiny insects | lashed on threads | the instants are bound to her, and the snow | comes again / the same snow, but a different | memory

Open the graves, take out the dead, they are not needed | in this form any longer | they have ripened and faded, and so have their | children, their surviving | friends now | the earth is needed for other purposes | Later there are more dead, but there are no graves

Into the spaces we cram our lives, this | is our life, we say, this | is our world, it is | the world, it | is not

Peeling the stars, star rind | falls | so very slowly in these | especial moments, the lovers | are like | everyone | consumers, but | the pitch | of their consumption is | high and | pure, they can hear | the spiders in their webs | moving

Later there are webs, but there are no | spiders | Later there is snow | the spiders’ webs are clumped and strung | with frost, the graves | are emptied, where are | their inhabitants, what is this | war’s name?

Lilac sleeves and | sleeves of lavender | cuffs of velvet | woolens | buttons of | jade or pearl | a scent of camphor, a | blaze of spring | it must be | winter now | and our blood | lies quiet in our veins | like snakes in sleep, the darkness | gathered around them and the tiny | fingernails | the long blonde | hair on the | cashmere jacket, the | wiry black hair on the | lemon collar | Is this war | ours? we ask | is this our dream | is this | our lot?, the empty | sleeves and the | baby’s | pink | mittens…

Into the spaces we fold our lives, inside the spaces there are | further voids, hands | delicate | fingers never | reach or touch, never mind |
grasp or | hold | this is our time, we say, this is | our moment, it is |
this moment, it

is not

from the sequence hypergrammar (open-ended, 2012–present)