Body floats off | feet square on the ground, but the ground | floating

Head says “work”, shape of a bull | body empties itself | body is hidden behind a thought

Body says “sinking ship”, body insists | on mass and bulk, head | asks for water

Ocean in a flask, body sleeps | but the sleep | drifts off, apart | Head surfaces, bobbing on the current, rolls and | descends and | rises

On/off—on/off—on/off—on/off—on/off… | On | Off | Body flicks the switches, head | opens its eyes | In a dream | a mound of angels | black angels and white angels | some still alive | wings broken | feathers glistening | they can’t speak, they can only | sing

Various forms of headhunter…

Body’s currents are numerous, a river delta | body floats into view | hands drifting towards London, Paris, Berlin | head is one moment the spring | of the river estuary, another moment | the sea into which the estuary flows

Shipwreck days | Old farmer | in wellington boots | carrying a bucket full of lights, lights | the things his head spat out | eels | plans for renovation

Head orders the sounds into place, sounds order body | to flow | Head floats off | on the current | body | is poured | towards a different destination | Head | tossed behind a screen | rolls out of sight, into the undergrowth

It takes only a moment | to bring a thought of mountains | to the mountains

Head very still, but body moving | body chasing butterflies


dug graves (you may have seen them?)

Water | flooding the graves doesn’t | know the graves

Head, spinning a coin of thought

Body a castle fallen, fortress, fastness | Tides and the winds | come back for their share | ask for their part and body | has no answer but “No!” and “Here!”

Head keeps body in a phial, stays up late | ignores the moon | maps out the slowly charging bull in lexicons

Head sloughs body | body after body | Head | cooks up body in a wok | tosses a sliding | disc of bodies | frying and sizzling | Head dines on body | Body | waits | hesitant in mirrors | pulls | head after it into the long grass | head | protesting but | snails tickle on temples | slime the proud | glasses of axioms

Body sloughs head | not symmetrically | head after head bouncing and falling | melting away | like fingerprints | on a train window | dab a power station or a | line of tall poplars | such | soft | impressions…

Body sure | a mute bailiwick | so ailments | know where to come | head | anguished suitor | sometimes present | sometimes absent | sometimes both | sometimes neither | wraps body | in a million | layers of cocoon

Bride and bridegroom


made beds

Head | coughs and blinks | bodies of raw | chargers | And body | on | ever enough | is never | enough | head | flees into skyscrapers and codas and postludes | prevaricates and vacillates | prevaricates in distillates | vacillates in postulates | second thoughts and afterthoughts | head | sublimates and explicates | astounds and implicates | terminates and intimidates | wonders | is it enough? | Body


from the series hypergrammar (open-ended, 2012–present)