Breathing fragile everywhere

Rising and falling | locking | lung antlers

Duels for cobwebs | for clouds against the sun | for wave-polished cobbles | for anything

Tipping over the mountain | To take the nearest road | to the furthest road | lash your footsteps to the walk | wrestling a nightingale | sleeping under a tree | your face | sprayed with dew from a sparrow’s wings

Postcards of loneliness | Quiet tourist towns out of season | blank skies of famous landmarks | Soviet postcards | postcards from Burma | Czechoslovakia

The art of ending up | The air | whistles faintly through the trachea | inflates the cathedral, the compass and the pencil | oxygen | stirs the marble | the brain | floats on its cirrus | a sparkling mist | a circus with strange acts | locks with | murmuring keys

Slipped inside | a hidden ceremony | the logicians | pore over their screens | under the pebbles and the wheels | under the atoms | under the sun and thoughts of the sun | words tremble | blind, uncertain | craving mother | and if you could really touch them | I wonder | would they simply | die of shock?

Skyscraper desert

Coated in void

Forest is announced


from the series hypergrammar (open-ended, 2012–present)
(this poem, July 2015)